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Free SoClean 2 Giveaway {Subscribe on Youtube and Win}

Free SoClean 2 Giveaway {Subscribe on Youtube and Win}

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The SoClean 2 is the worlds first automatic CPAP mask, hose, and water reservoir cleaner. The SoClean2 is a truly amazing device, and we are giving one away. Get away from that sink all day cleaning your CPAP supplies!! There’s a much easier way.

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We also made a very comprehensive tutorial video, detailing how to connect your SoClean2 here:

Video tutorial SoClean 2 and Airsense 10 adapter

SoClean 2 Cost Is Cheap [Cost Lower Than Amazon]

SoClean 2 Cost Is Cheap [Cost Lower Than Amazon]

If you want a SoClean at a cheap price, the SoClean cost on www.AffinityHM.com is better than anything I have seen on amazon. (10% discount today)

Get 10% OFF Today!!

This is the short version of a Soclean step by step tutorial video. If you want to see the entire un-edited video https://youtu.be/M-MUQ_dwRjE
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