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Best Portable CPAP Cleaner [Purify O3]

Best Portable CPAP Cleaner [Purify O3]

We have found the best portable CPAP cleaner on the market today, is the Purify O3 by Responsive Respiratory. You know how difficult it is to keep your CPAP clean while traveling on business or vacation. Fitting the standard CPAP cleaner in your suitcase is tough, almost impossible. Most are tempted to just go without cleaning all together. That’s a bad idea!
The Purify O3 solves ALL your travel problems because it’s so portable it can easily fit into your carry-on! Now cleaning your CPAP is super-easy to do while traveling!
No extra adapters are needed AND since the Purify O3 may ONLY be purchased through a Home Medical Equipment company, you will have excellent support before and after the sale.

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CPAP Cleaning Machine That’s Portable & Great for Travel

CPAP Cleaning Machine That’s Portable & Great for Travel

This CPAP Cleaning machine is portable and perfect for travel because it is so small. It literally fits in the palm of your hand and could easily fit into even the lightest travelers suitcase. It operates by rechargeable battery, and it’s way less costly than most CPAP cleaning machines. The Purify O3 is great for camping, traveling anywhere, or also as a back up or primary CPAP cleaning unit depending on what your specific needs are.
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Purify O3 Portable CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

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Purify O3 Portable CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer
Purify O3 is the simple & effective way to achieve hospital-grade disinfection for your PAP equipment and supplies! Purify O3 utilizes ozone (activated oxygen) technology to disinfect and sanitize medical equipment in a short 35 minute cycle. No additional pre-wash solutions, filters or replacement bags required!

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