Month: March 2019

Deluxe Rolling Carts with Shopping Bags and Seat are AMAZING [Beach, Ball Games, Shopping Trips and More]

Deluxe Rolling Carts with Shopping Bags and Seat are AMAZING [Beach, Ball Games, Shopping Trips and More]

New Product Alert!! Warning, you may need to have one asap! The rolling cart with seat makes all of your travels more AMAZING! Whether the beach, shopping, ballgames, fishing expeditions, or camping….I could go on. Rolling cart with foldout seat! 300 lb capacity, this cart is really nice quality. Comfortable handle and it’s sturdy! 8.5″ wheels go just about anywhere. Get 2 and shipping is free (free shipping on orders over a hundred. Get a discount as well by using discount code at checkout: GIVEMETEN (that’s for 10% off your entire) order.

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This rolling cart with seat & shopping bag is the practical answer to many uses in life. Great for the beach, shopping, ball games, and so much more. Durable high quality with many compartments for storage, the fold out seat is delightful and will surely be a blessing when needed on those long days out.

Bag dimensions:

main compartment: W 13″ x L 8″ x Depth 20″

Front zippered compartment: 9″ x 9″

there are 2 side pockets as well

Other dimensions:

when folded, standing height is 40″ tall

Width is 40″ (outside of each wheel

wheels are 8 1/2″ diameter

seat height 19″

seat is 14″ wide and 13 1/4″ deep

weight capacity of seat is 300 lbs

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How To Replace Your SoClean Cartridge Filter & Check valve

How To Replace Your SoClean Cartridge Filter & Check valve

Its important to change the SoClean cartridge filter and checkvalve & you may find this video helpful as it explains not only how, but also why!

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I will demonstrate how to change your SoClean cartridge filter & check valve in this short video. The cartridge filter does a great job of making sure that ozone does not escape into your room. It’s made of charcoal which changes ozone back into regular oxygen as it leaves the SoClean machine, so it’s important that it is replace as often as is needed. Additionally you will want to replace the check-valve that’s inline in the small black SoClean hose. This check-valve must be positioned properly as described in the video, to the CPAP as the label instructs. The checkvalve will keep any water from damaging your CPAP machine, please keep it replaced every time you replace the cartridge filter.
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Flyp Nebulizer the Smallest & Lightest Nebulizer Ever! [Unboxing Tutorial Video]

Flyp Nebulizer the Smallest & Lightest Nebulizer Ever! [Unboxing Tutorial Video]

We are so excited to offer the Flyp Nebulizer, as it is not only the tiniest, smallest, and lightest nebulizer, it is also extremely effective leaving all of it’s competitors in the dust!

Flyp uses a mesh material which contacts your medication while vibration about 2000 times FASTER than a hummingbird flaps its wings! If you have ever watched a video of a hummingbird, even in slow-motion, those wings are going fast!! Since the Flyp moves so quickly, this means that the aerosol particle size is super small, which results in very effective medication dispersal throughout your lungs, just the way it should be!

Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, Flyp™ disappears in your pocket. In this video we will show you how to operate the Flyp Nebulizer and discuss some of it’s amazing benefits and features.

See the Flyp Neb


It’s whisper-quiet, thanks to HypersoniQ™ technology. Its internal disk vibrates at an ultrasonic speed — 2,000 times faster than a hummingbird’s wings — creating a fine, inhalable aerosol. What that means for you is that Flyp is nimble, reducing treatment time to about 7 minutes. We at Affinity Home Medical truly love this tiny portable rechargeable nebulizer, and believe that it will help many people become more compliant and travel more comfortably than ever before!! And Flyp is warrantied for three years. It’s the nebulizer engineered to fit into your life — making it easier to follow your prescribed treatment plan for asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions. Note: not for use with hypertonic saline (greater than 0.9%).`

Step by Step:


2. Fill

3. Click

4. Breathe

Yes it’s that easy!!

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