Month: July 2017

SoClean 2 Cost Is Cheap [Cost Lower Than Amazon]

SoClean 2 Cost Is Cheap [Cost Lower Than Amazon]

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This is the short version of a Soclean step by step tutorial video. If you want to see the entire un-edited video
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Review Travel Mini Auto CPAP [Transcend With EZEX]

Review Travel Mini Auto CPAP [Transcend With EZEX]

The best travel CPAP for the money is the Transcend Auto CPAP with EZEX (easy exhale). I reviewed this remarkable mini CPAP and provide a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to operate and buy your own Transcend travel mini CPAP. Transcend is made by Somnetics, its compact, mini size makes it perfect for travel. This CPAP is approved by the FAA for all major airlines. Here are some excellent travel tips regarding the Transcend. The transcend CPAP weighs less than one pound, it’s very quiet, and super easy to operate.
For assistance in obtaining your perscription settings from your physician call us at (888) 666-2005. 8am-5pm Monday through Friday CST.

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Transcend Travel CPAP